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Users are becoming ever more skilled in navigating through the digital world, and graphical interfaces excel in usability. So why should you attend our seminars? Because they help you gain proficiency in proALPHA ERP and show you how to make full use of the software. This will enable you to boost productivity, establish seamless processes and promote close cooperation in your company. The proALPHA Academy's training and seminars are tailored to suit the needs of key users, specialists, and developers.

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  • Work efficiently with proALPHA ERP
  • Celebrate successes from the very beginning
  • Make full use of functionalities and services
  • Gain confidence in handling unusual tasks
proALPHA Academy Vorteile

The proALPHA Academy is committed to giving users the best possible training and supporting them in every aspect of their work. Blended learning is our training concept of choice because it combines classroom seminars at our training centers with e-learning and webinars. Participants have the best of both worlds: they can interact with trainers and colleagues and make use of digital learning systems at the same time.

Seminar Calendar

Are you interested in the proALPHA Academy's training and seminars? You will find all seminar contents, dates and venues here.

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Classroom Seminars
Classroom Seminars
In-House Seminars
In-House Seminars

Employees have different fields of responsibility and tasks, levels of knowledge, and requirements. To meet each user's needs, the proALPHA Academy groups its seminars into six categories. They clearly reflect the different requirements and goals, helping users choose the right seminar.

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Training Profiles

They help identify the training needs of individual proALPHA users. We have developed a matrix that contains an overview of training profiles.